Road Tripping Isn’t All Gravy, Make Sure You’re Prepared!

Road trips can be one of the greatest ways to enjoy a vacation. The memories made are priceless. Road trips, however, do require planning. If you want to get up and go, take a few minutes to plan ahead. A road trip can be much more successful and enjoyable if you prepare for the ride.

Prepare the Car

The last thing anyone wants on a road trip is car trouble. Make sure you have recently had your oil changed. Have your tires checked, rotated and balanced. If there is anything you are unsure of, take your car in to be looked at. It is much better to be safe than sorry sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

After you have done any needed maintenance, clean out your car. There will be more space when all extras are out of the car. A clean car is also much more pleasant to travel in.

Prepare the Kids

If you are traveling with kids you may have a little anxiety about keeping them entertained. Make sure you have activities for the kids to do in the car. Bring games, movies, books, favorite toys, favorite blankets, and any other activity that will keep your children happy.

In addition, pack some food and water. Bring snacks for your kids. Let them pick out their own snacks so they are more excited about it.

Bring Entertainment for Yourself

Packing activities for the kids is a must, but don’t forget yourself as well. Get a book on CD that everyone in the car will enjoy listening to. Prepare some good tunes to keep you happy along the way.

Check the Roads

Before leaving, check road conditions. There is a lot of road construction going on across many states. Drive safe and watch out for those construction barricades! Make sure you are prepared for any construction you might be driving through. Drive safe and remember those solar constructions don’t just save energy—they save your life.

Prepare your Navigation

If you are unfamiliar with the route, make sure you figure out how you will navigate your way there. If you are using GPS, make sure it is in working condition before you leave. If you will be using a cell phone, make sure it is fully charged before hitting the road. And finally, if you happen to be using a good ol’ fashioned map, don’t forget to pack it in the car.