6 Mini Vacations Anyone Can Afford

Everyone deserves to take a vacation, but not everyone can afford to take one. If you’re one of those people who simply cannot afford to take a vacation, it’s possible you’re going about the whole vacation idea the wrong way. Instead of trying to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a luxury vacation, why not opt to take a smaller one? The following are a few mini vacation ideas that you can easily afford.

Go camping

There are plenty of campgrounds located around the United States, and there is probably one very close to where you live. Pack up the family, buy/rent/borrow some camping gear, and head on out for a weekend getaway. Camping is very cheap, as most campground only charge about $10-$20 a night, and without all the technology and electronic distractions, you can easily spend some quality time with the family.

Check out what your state has to offer

Every states has history, and you can easily take a small vacation and learn a little bit more about where you live. Visit the capital city and check out some hotels, or search online for a quirky place to stop. Maybe your state is home to the largest ball of yarn, or maybe some huge historical event took place near your home. Pack up the family and go check it out.

Take a picnic

This is very simple, but you and your family will truly enjoy it. Pack up a picnic, some fun games (like a Frisbee, football and soccer ball) and bring the family to a lovely park where you can truly enjoy some outdoor time with the people you love. If there is a lake near the park, make sure to bring your fishing gear too. And don’t forget to pack the camera.

Stay in a fancy hotel

Find a glamourous hotel near you and book a night’s stay. Then, dress in your best and show up to the hotel acting as if you are a celebrity. You’ll have so much fun pretending to be someone you’re not, and you’ll also enjoy all of the luxurious amenities that come with your room. Then, you can either go out exploring in the town or sit back and order some much-needed room service.

Go to the beach

If you have a lake or ocean near your home, take a weekend and spend it at the beach. There’s something about the sand and the water that relaxes you, and children of all ages love to play in the water and even build sand castles. Make sure to pack a lunch too in case there aren’t any restaurants near the area. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Take a Road Trip

Fill the car with gas, enter and start driving. Then, after you have about a quarter of the remaining tank, start looking for a hotel or motel to stay. Then spend the rest of the day exploring what the city offered. You might find a good bed and the best small breakfast or Italian restaurant you have ever visited. And all of this has been found for desire.