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Hidden Wireless Headset On Lenovo New Laptop

 Hidden Wireless Headset On Lenovo New Laptop
Reading Hidden Wireless Headset On Lenovo New Laptop

one of the issues that people have the most problems with is where we experience problems such as kullaklığı almadımı or in your bag, etc. you can’t find. It was definitely a computer model that offered solutions to these problems.So wherever your computer is, your headset is there. He doesn’t want extra space because it’s like a drawer. As soon as you put the headphones back in place, they charge. If you remove the headphones, they automatically connect to the computer in a very short time and are ready to use.

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In technical specifications, Lenovo offers us the following if we don’t add headphones;

Intel core i7 processor 11.a processor from the generation or amd ryzen 4000 series.

Maximum 40gb ram

Up to 1TB ssd and 2TB hdd

Nvidia mx450 graphics card or Amd radeon graphics card

15.6 ” screen worth

It will be presented in verisyon, which has a touch feature.

It will be offered a 45Wh battery, which offers 6 hours of uptime, or a 60Wh battery, which offers 8 hours of uptime.

Information one Thunderbolt 4 port,two USB-A connections, one USB-C connection, 4-in-1 card and 3.5 mm headphone jack will be available.

Since there are more entries on this computer than there should be, we can say that everything will work.

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