Top 5 Engineering Marvels Of The Modern And Ancient World

The engineering feats of the modern and ancient world are marvels that continue to boast the construction industry’s capability and legacy. With each structure lending a degree of pure genius to the mix of architecture that can be found wherever man resides, it becomes difficult to narrow down which projects are more remarkable than the rest.

Built in different spheres of the globe, some of them rich residuals of a time long past, here are the top 5 engineering marvels in existence:

1. Capital Gate

Abhu Dubai is resident to some of the best architectural designs around. A leader in construction and civil engineering marvels, Dubai has landed their spot on the list due to their resident Capital Gate edifice. A bent structure that has been likened to a modern leaning Tower of Pisa, Capital Gate is even more profound than the Italian landmark, beating its record as the most “inclined” building in the world (leaning 18 degrees westward as opposed to 4 degrees).

2. La Sagrada Familia

Located in Barcelona Spain, the Roman Catholic Church is an ancient engineering marvel that was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. Naturally one of Spain’s top tourist destinations, the church’s construction started in 1882, and is still ongoing to this day. Gaudi intended for it to be the “last great sanctuary of Christendon,” an achievement that will be realised on completion in 2026.

3. Seattle Central Library

This glass and steel engineering marvel received more than 2 million guests in its first year of opening. Featuring 34,000 square metres of establishment that cost $165 million dollars to build, the library is filled with a wealth of both electronic and paperback books. Why would Seattle need such a large public book collection? Interestingly enough, stats show that the inhabitants of Seattle read more than people in any other city.

4. St. Basil’s Cathedral

More popularly known as the Kremlin amongst locals, St. Basil’s Cathedral is symbolic of the joining of two Imperial Cultures – Medieval Muscovy and the Soviet Union. Blending austere secrecy with unprecedented opulence, the eclectic construction continues to act as the official residence of the President of Russia – a breathtaking home no doubt.

5. Machu Picchu

A long-lost ancient engineering marvel that was built by the Incas, Machu Picchu’s remains were first discovered by a group of American explorers in the 20th century. A breathtaking discovery that has gained worldwide fame for its enigmatic setting and archaeological historical relevance, the primordial Inca site has been cited as a spiritual palace of a time long past, and continues to provide insight into the culture and practices of a people otherwise extinct.

Architectural constructs that continue to dominate as worldwide tourist attractions, these engineering marvels have gained the well-deserved acclamation of “phenomenon.” Situated within dream destinations, make the most of your next trip abroad and be inspired by these awesome spectacles.