Boating Holidays – An Alternative Option This Summer

Now that summer has finally hit us in the UK, the need to have a holiday or a break becomes even greater and ever present on our minds.

If you’re looking to try something that may be a little different, then why not consider going on a boating holiday.

The UK has many rivers, canals and waterways (not forgetting the famous Norfolk Broads) that can be explored by boat. In fact, there are parts of the country that can’t be reached on foot, so you can do some real exploring!

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Why Choose A Boating Holiday?

Well, for many people a boating trip would be a new style of holiday, and they say that a change is of course as good as a rest.

As it is a hands on holiday, it gives you challenges and experiences that a beach holiday would not: Night sailing, mooring up, plotting your journey etc.

However it’s the chance to see new scenery in such a relaxing and tranquil manner that attracts many people.

Do you picture yourself as Captain of the vessel, or simply sunbathing on the boat as you travel through the countryside while listening to the wildlife around you as the water laps at the side of the boat?

Many people also like the idea of touching history on a boating holiday, too. Our waterways are of course the first roads used in the country and before we travelled inland on roads we used the water. Share this simple visit to the past and see how our ancestors used to travel the country.

Seeing things from a different perspective can open the mind. You will be surprised at how using the waterways gives you access to both country and towns that you did not realise existed.

Where Can I Go?

In the UK there are many options for an inland boating holiday.


The UK has many canals, and canal-boat holidays are always popular. You can go through the heart of London, or go between places like Bath and Reading by travelling the Kennet and Avon Canal.

There are many options to see some countryside via the canals, or you can of course moor up and see what’s on offer on dry land. If you choose the Avon Ring, why not visit the birth place of Shakespeare?


Many people like the idea of a cruiser boat for a more modern holiday. Once again, the options are numerous.

You can hire cruisers to see the glory of the Norfolk Broads, packed with wildlife and glorious views and sunsets. You can also visit the cathedral city of Norwich while there and experience some of the best country pubs.

If you want to sight see, then you can get your cruiser loaded and travel between London and Oxford along the Thames. See Windsor Castle and Hampden Court Palace to name but two sights.

However, if you’re more daring, why not have a look for Nessie? You can spend time on Loch Ness if you wish and the Caledonian Canal.

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What Are my Options?

Almost limitless. It depends, of course, on how many there are of you, but you can hire boats that range from 2 berths to around 12, so you can go as a couple, family or group.

You can generally expect facilities on the boat that will include things such as: toilets, hot and cold water, central heating (this is the UK of course!), showers, kitchen facilities, etc. Larger cruisers will, of course, offer more such as lounge area, etc. However, if money is no object, then luxury can be taken as far as you would like.

A boating holiday is a great time away for everybody. If you are a couple, then enjoy the time alone together, planning your route, dining under the stars, enjoying the soothing water rocking you to sleep.

If you have a family, then it’s a case of ‘all hands on deck’, get the kids involved in steering and maintaining the boat, there is so much to do. And, if you have teenage children who are glued to their smart phones, accidents always happen and it appears that phones don’t float…!

Have a boat holiday and have a great time!