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Webcezeri.com, Turkey and the world’s largest, technology, design websites such as taking the forefront to provide the best experience for users and enjoyable and the most up-to-date news is a project started to read.

Part of the project was designed and implemented in Turkey (Istanbul). The project manager and CEO is Emir Khan. we are a proponent of delivering original quality and impartial news with a new generation of journalism for people. Our users are members of our website and can easily and simply add their own content, and we intend to even profit from it in the future. For now, we will update it in the coming days :).

As Webcezeri, our goal is to be a giant platform, and we are authenticating our goals about it. In order to get to better places, we developed this project and started offering your services “for free”. We hope we can move forward and spread to more people.

“Perseverance is very important. You shouldn’t give up that thing unless you’re asked to give up something by force.” -Elon Musk


Our contact mail address: ( webcezerii@gmail.com ) & ( webcezeri@yandex.com )

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