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About Social Media

 About Social Media
Reading About Social Media

Social media
• Social media brings multiple people together on multiple platforms. On many different platforms, people come together and share their feelings and thoughts, momentary moods, places they visit. Special moments and photos.

• In addition. He can communicate and reach more than one person and come face to face with different traditions and customs. In addition, he can communicate with people from different nations and countries and make friends from all over the world.

• They can see different contents and learn information in the field that will improve themselves. And he can acquire hobbies to spend time. They can make permanent friendships through social media and communicate in social life.
The Effects of Social Media on People

• Many people nowadays open accounts on more than one social media. And he spends most of his time on social media. Unfortunately, it can be regarded as mental, psychological, and physiological harm to people. One of its negative psychological effects is addiction and isolation.

•  Although it is designed to bring people together on many different platforms such as social media. Especially Instagram, it can sometimes have the opposite effect. There are studies showing that people with high social media.  Use are three times more isolated from their social environment than those who spend a lot of time. And these people are withdrawn over time and isolated from society.

• Also, people are increasing and revealing their social media addiction. Because of this addiction, people lack communication and social breaks occur. In addition, it not only harms mentally or psychologically, but also physically causes people to experience eye distress or waist or neck hernia.
Most Popular Social Media Programs

Twitter Facebook Medium

1- Twitter;
Twitter is a social media program where people share their thoughts and expressions and follow the agenda.
2- Facebook;
It is a social media platform where people can share content such as photos and videos and chat. Besides, it can be played in games.
3- Medium;
This is a great app for social media readers and writers, or for those who love to read and have an interest in writing.

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